Thursday, April 30, 2015

ETTEAM COOKS! ByTheWay's Meatless Moussaka

I made this for dinner tonight - pretty easy, and yummy, too!  
Doesn't that look like burger?  
It's really bulgur!  
Same texture, and you can beef it up with beef flavoring if you're not a vegetarian.

Recipe from Cooking Light on

My modifications:
Used 'Pam' for broiling eggplant
Used 2 lbs eggplant, 1 c. onions, 3/4 c. bulgur, chicken broth, 3/4 t, dried oregano, added a few chopped mushrooms; no butter or egg in bechemel; fresh grated Parmesan

Here's what I did differently:
For the bechemel, mix flour with a little bit of milk, then whisk in rest of milk. Microwave in 30 second intervals until it boils, then let it go a bit longer.  Watch as it will boil over.  

Here's what I'd do differently next time:
Add a bit of sriracha sauce, it's just a bit bland.  Might be good with a few chopped red or green peppers, too.  Maybe more cheese.

See ByTheWay's shop on Etsy, and stay tuned for more delicious recipes in the ETTEAM COOKS series.


  1. Looks yummy! Thanks for the recipe, and for the tips and ideas on variations. :)

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  3. I love eggplant so this looks like a winner to me.

  4. I love getting tips on what you would do different the next time.

  5. It looks delicious! Thanks for sharing this recipe!


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