Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Put a Bit of Paint Fabric and Whimsy in Your Life

Kelly of PaintFabricWhimsy creates bright and happy gifts for lovers of beauty and nature. 
Her work includes mixed media paintings, art prints for kids, jewelry, fiber art sculpture, holiday themes and other gifts featuring her artwork. 

She says she's always been influenced by Mexican Folk Art in the Oaxacan style, and that comes through in her vibrant colors and whimsical style.  

These note cards capture the magic of the holiday season!  
Her shop is full of delightful fantasies that you'll want to check out!  


Posted by Midnightcoiler


  1. I love these happy, vibrant colors and pieces - they make me smile :)

  2. I love the gift box! It's like getting 2 gifts!!

  3. Such beautiful and colorful works of art!

  4. Wonderful shop and wonderful shop owner!


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