Tuesday, September 30, 2014

All natural baskets, gourds, stoneware, ornaments and so much more. . . . .

About this blog's leader:

Lynn, of Midnight Coiler, is a multi-talented artist.  She's a fiber artist, a stoneware artist, she's a gourd artist (I love her ornaments and I've put a few below for you to check out), she makes gorgeous birdhouses out of gourds too.   Lynn is also a tireless advocate for our team, the original Etsy Treasury Team on etsy, founded in 2008.  She is always striving to make us the best we can be.    You can check out the ETTEAM here.  

Now back to our Team Leader, Lynn, and her wonderful shop.  I've picked out a few of my personal favorites below but to really get a better idea of her natural talent you really must check out her shop on etsy here:  Midnight Coiler.

Scary ghost okra ornaments…..

And I know we all love snowmen ornaments… made with gourds.  These are adorable!!

What a great idea…a toothpick case for the girls with an adorable heart.  I'm sure guys will like it too!
This gourd art bowl is one of my favorites in Lynn's shop.  This gourd bowl is truly a work of art.  Lynn grows her own gourds and all her own plant material that she uses in her work.  

This piece, a miniature ring dish, combines her stoneware artistry and her fiber artistry all in one.  The center of the basket is made of stoneware that is formed by hand and then fired in the kiln.  Traditional basketry techniques are used to bind the center to the outside basket.  This mini basket is just a teeny tiny sampling of her stoneware and basket making talents.  

     To truly get an idea of Lynn's talents, you know what you need to do?  Please visit her shop on etsy Midnight Coiler.  Lynn is a natural artist and her work shows it impeccably.

Thanks Lynn for all you do for us!! 

Very truly yours,

Laurie O'Harra
Etteam Member and etsy shop owner
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  1. OMG! What a wonderful surprise! You have made day and my entire week! Thanks so much for featuring me, Laurie! :)

  2. So beautiful & such a wide variety!

  3. Great gifting ideas.... and beautifully crafted!

  4. Everything Lynn makes is beautiful. I am loving the new tiny little cork containers!

  5. I especially LOVE the okra ghosts and snowmen gourds !!!

  6. Great artist spotlight! I am a big fan of Lynn, and her work is fabulous...she is so creative!

  7. What a beautiful collection from a fantastic shop! Lynn is very talented!

  8. Lynn is so talented! I love her entire shop but I couldn't post it here, so I just picked a few items. So glad you liked the post Lynn!

  9. Wonderful article, well deserved recognition! Nicely done!

  10. I love Lynn's shop! I have several of her creations, but my favorite is a small, beaded gourd bowl sitting right in front of me at my computer! Thanks, Lynn, for all you do to make our team a thriving success!!

  11. Thanks everyone. I appreciate the love. :) Thanks to Laurie for such a nice feature.

  12. Laurie did a wonderful job highlighting a talented artisan who provides us with great leadership. Thank you for the great job that you do.

  13. You are so talented! Love these goodies!


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