Thursday, October 3, 2013

Interview with EfiWarsh

Efiwarsh – Unique jewelry, miniature dolls and home decor

Tell a little bit about yourself, your creations and your shop:
My name is Efi Warsh.
I am a wife, a mother of 3 grown up children, and a grandmother.
I am an artist from Israel.
I am a high school teacher but I quit my job about 14 years ago and joined my husband in managing our own company.

As a child, I grew up with an artist mother .Those moments had a tremendous impact on my life.
I have always enjoyed working with my hands. I have been drawing and painting since grade school and always had a passion for art until the day I discovered polymer clay.

Polymer clay has been my passion for the last 10 years . In the beginning there was no formal training for me. Self taught and a lot of practice made it perfect! I think that as an artist you either have it or you don’t. The only trick is finding what you are passionate about. I found that I love the versatility of the clay, the colors and the techniques. It can be shaped like clay, carved like wood, buffed like stone and layered like glass. It is an ever learning process of creativity, and just when you think you have tried it all, you find there is something new to try and to learn.

Right now I am concentrating on making polymer clay home decor...

Printed greeting cards of my illustrations...

I also design a limited and one-of-a-kind colorful handmade jewelry... 

Which of your items are you most proud of, and why?Well, honestly I think they are all my favorites. They are colorful, happy and unique! It’s quite strange as I don’t have a lot of colors in my daily clothing’s. But the items I love most are my Kokeshi Dolls. Some pieces have up to 6 hours of work in them to create one perfect doll with all the tiny details, but it’s worth the effort because the outcome is marvelous.

If you could choose what ever you wanted, what would be your ideal job?I’m very happy with what I’m doing right now and the way everything is going in my life. I have been sharing my artwork and selling it on-line since early 2008. All my pieces are hand made with love and care. My only wish is I could make my hobby a full time job. But since I work with my husband at our company, it has many benefits as when I feel inspired I can take a day off without the need to explain myself to the boss.

What is the best advice you’ve given or received?Follow your passion. Don’t give up and never stop doing what you love, no matter how slow sales may be sometimes, and don’t be afraid to promote yourself! If you don’t do it, who will!?

What makes you happy?I always try to see the bright side of everything. Therefore, the health of my family, the  smile of my granddaughter, the smell of a fresh roll, the first light of sun in the morning and a new item I create as I dreamed, makes me the happiest and richest woman in the world. As an artist I think you always know what the end result will look like even before you start! But to see the final project is the best part!

What do you value most in other people?Honesty. Patience. Tolerance.
Please ask a question for the next featured artist to answer.Have you ever experienced artist block and how did you overcome it?

You can see my work or purchase it, currently online at my Etsy shop:
Efiwarsh – Designs in polymer clay


  1. Thanks for a great interview, Efi! It's nice to learn a little bit more about you. I love the variety in your beautiful work.

  2. Efi, so nice to read about you, your inspirations and your wise words!

  3. Great article! Such beautiful dolls!

  4. Wow -Thanks so much.
    The ETTEAM blog is a gorgeous blog! filled with so many beautiful inspiration posts and so many beautiful things to see.

    Many THANKS for including me among such awesome shops of talent artists!

  5. Wow, Efi, that was really wonderful. So good to learn more about you. I agree with you about hanging in there with the etsy shop. It takes work and patience and PERSEVERANCE. That little geisha doll is just adorable!

  6. That was so wonderful Efi! I have to say we're all richer for knowing you! :)

  7. So nice to read more about you and your work. I couldn't agree more about being afraid to promote yourself. If we wait for others, we may wait forever. Wonder article!

  8. Efi, Thanks for sharing and allowing us to get to know you a little better.

  9. I loved learning more about you, Efi!

  10. i´m happy to know a bit more about you Efi! i really love your work and the details in your Polimer Clay designs, self taught ishas a special side i think it is more personal and more unique ... it cames directly from the designer feeling ..
    loved the interview! wonderful jo!

  11. Great interview Efi! I love that I get to learn all about you and your passions in art and at home. Thanks so much for sharing and I wish you much success in whatever direction your art takes you next!!

  12. This is lovely, Efi. I'm glad I know you a little better. Thanks for sharing such great inspiring words! xxx


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