Thursday, September 26, 2013

So, You Want to Be Featured in More Treasuries?

Most of us want to be included in treasuries for the great exposure they bring to our shops. You can maximize that exposure and be included in more treasuries by considering these tips.  The photos of the beautiful items are from some of the shops on the Etsy Treasury Team.  
1.  The majority of treasuries are created with a hopeful eye towards being on the front page of Etsy. Curators with this in mind know that the Etsy deciders look for treasuries with uncluttered product photography and white to light gray or neutral backgrounds. Having light neutral backgrounds with plenty of white or neutral space around the item is a plus. Your items will be easier to include in treasuries and will show better in your shop.  That first image fitting this look is crucial. There are many programs, including free ones that can be used to lighten backgrounds.  
2.  Watermarks and borders around your photo make them difficult to use in treasuries.  Many curators try to avoid using photos with distracting watermarks.  Etsy doesn't feature many treasuries with watermarked photos.  Borders are just as distracting, calling attention away from the item for sale, and obstructing the "flow" of a treasury.  
3.   Have several pages of inventory in your shop.  This gives curators more choices that might fit with the theme of their treasury.  You cannot have too many pages of items.  The more you have, the better chance of being included in treasuries.  A well-stocked shop will receive more sales as well... your items will be brought up in more searches.  
4.  When you're featured, try and reciprocate!  Always leave a comment, favorite and click. Promote elsewhere if you can. Include the curator in a future treasury.  It's all mutually beneficial!  
Promoting through treasuries is not free... it costs your time and effort to be a good treasury partner.  The investment is well worth it, not only for personal gain, but for the relationships formed with others.  

Article by:  Lynn from Midnightcoiler  
Midnightcoiler is captain of the Etsy Treasury Team, the original dedicated treasury team on Etsy, founded October 5, 2008. 


  1. Great tips and a great post!!

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