Thursday, February 28, 2013

TapadhLeibhCards -- Travel and Nature Art Photography

Kimberley of TapadhLeibhCards on Etsy has put her photography hobby to work for her.  She specializes in cards and prints. I've always admired her work and own a few of her cards.  I tend to see them as small works of art, so instead of sending them, I decorate my walls. Maybe I need more! Check them out and see the great deal she has just for readers of this blog at the end of the interview.    

                               Blank Greeting Card, "Dragonfly"

Lets warm up with a few fun questions:  

ETTeam Blog:  Favorite color? 
Kimberley:  My favourite colour is green.

ETTeam Blog:  What's your favorite dessert?  
Kimberley: Favourite dessert... This one is tougher. I try not to
be prejudice against any desserts. I guess my favourite would 
be cake. Or pie. Or ice cream... Oh dear.

ETTeam Blog:  ETTeam Blog:  If you weren't human, what
animal would you most want to be and why?
Kimberley:  I would definitely be a cat. I would love to lie and 
say that I would be something really flashy like a zebra or parrot
but I know in my heart I'm a domestic house cat. I love naps, I 
love cuddles but only on my terms, and I am fairly independent. 

ETTeam Blog:  Most fun item in your shop?
Kimberley:  Most fun item? Probably the cards or prints with my 
Vietnam photography. I went there summer of 2011, and it was 
an amazing trip. I like to think that my pictures give an idea of 
how beautiful the country is.

"All in the Detail"
ETTeam Blog:  What made you open an Etsy shop and how long have you been creating the types of items you sell in your shop? 

Kimberley:  I created my etsy shop when I was in a bit of a lull in my life. I had just finished my fifth year of university, and wasn't starting work until June. I had a lot of time on my hands, and not a lot of money. The summer previous I had been on a trip to Vietnam and had a lot of my photography up on a website I had created to show my friends and family my adventures. I sent out a sort of "distress" call to my facebook friends, letting them know how bored and poor I was. One of my good friends suggested I start selling my photography as art cards. This led me to finding etsy and the rest is history. Now, I stay on it because of the community of artists I've discovered and because it is basically a hobby that pays for itself.

"Hint of Yellow"8x10 Print Spring Garden 
ETTeam Blog:  Where does the inspiration for your work come from? Is there a connecting theme or style that ties your items together? 
Kimberley:  Inspiration... I am inspired by so many different things including my travels, my humour and my home. I am very lucky to have grown up in one of the most beautiful places in the world. I can go on a ten minute walk and find numerous subjects for my photography. The world is a beautiful place, how can we not want to capture just a little bit of that?

                       Fine Art Photograph: "Faux Paris" 8x10 Print

ETTeam Blog:  What was one of the nicest or funniest experiences 
you've had with a customer who purchased from you on Etsy? 
Kimberley:  I really can't say that I've had a nice or funny 
experience from my buyers, but I do have to say that some of my
buyers have been members of etteam. Etteam has been an 
amazing part of being on etsy. I have met a wonderful group
of women with an awesome set of skills. They provide me with advice, encouragement, funny stories AND sometimes they buy my stuff.
Usually after I make a sale, I buy something else on etsy. 
like to think I keep the cycle of supporting artists going.

ETTeam Blog:  How do you want people to feel when they purchase
 one of your items?
Kimberley:  When one of my cards comes in the mail, I want the
buyer to feel like the photograph looks even better than it did on 
their screen.

ETTeam Blog:  What's your best advice for shop owners?
Kimberley:  I suppose my best advice for shop owners is to be
patient. And to have fun with everything they do. Because if 
we aren't having fun, why are we doing it?

ETTeam Blog:  Do you have any special promotions you'd like to
Kimberley:   If you read this interview and think you may like some 
of my photographs, please use the coupon code BLOGCOUPON to 
get 15% off any of my items.  TapadhLeibhCards 


  1. Loved learning more about you Kimberley! I have always loved your work.

  2. Lovely work Kim.. keep it up .. your pics are wonderful !!

  3. Great interview! I wouldn't want to be a wild animal either...too stressful!!

  4. Fantastic interview! So cool that you took a trip to Vietnam!

  5. oh! what a fun interview to read! it clearly reflects the personality of this wonderfully positive and energetic artist! Kim, you make me smile!

  6. Kimberley, thanks for sharing a little bit of yourself and your journey!

  7. Delightfully fun interview. Kimberley, you always make me smile with your comments, humor, and insights! Thanks for sharing those here... and thanks for sharing your work on Etsy.

  8. Lovely interview! We are from the same family. I am a lion! ; )


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