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Art By Beata-- Inspiration to Dream

Dream the Biggest Dreams Today
Prepare to be inspired upon entering the magical wonderland of ArtbyBeata on Etsy!   Her whimsical mixed media art includes original paintings,  fine art prints, ACEOs, fridge magnets and jewelry with inspirational thoughts and colorful illustrations.  I like how she puts it in one of her magnet listings:  "Do you want to have an inspirational little message on your fridge? Choose from my magnet collection and you will be reminded of something positive every day."  Perfect beautiful gifts of affirmation for the women and girls in your life!  Lets get to know Beata, the artist behind the inspiring work, and check out her Giveaway below. 
Fridge Art Magnet

Etteam Blog:  What made you open an Etsy shop and how long have you been creating the types of items you sell in your shop? 
Beata:  I opened my Etsy shop because I wanted to show the world who I was and what I was doing. When I opened it in February 2011 I hardly had anything to list and I was not sure yet if I found my style, but I started it anyway. Obviously nothing happened as I didn't know about how promoting works on Etsy, I guess I was not ready. I didn't do anything about the shop for awhile (I also have my own website , that's where my attention went during this time), until a year later I felt something calling me and I started to pay attention to my Etsy shop, started to promote it and slowly started to list my things. It was in May 2012 when I finally found my own style in mixed media. That was the point when I really started to enjoy this journey and I started to have sales too.
Magical Moments Art Print
Etteam Blog:  Where does the inspiration for your work come from? Is there a connecting theme or style that ties your items together? 
Beata:  I'm a notorious daydreamer. Ever since I remember I had dreams, big ones. It was not easy with my family background where I was expected to get a degree and a job. I always felt like I was not fitting in and never got my family's approval. While my classmates were going out I was watching football and was drawing the footballers from magazines, which soon led me to their stadium where I was getting orders for more drawings. : ) Then later instead of dating a guy from next town, I got together with someone from Africa (in Central Europe that's very unusual), we got married and later we moved to the United Kingdom. During this time I went to study in Germany, I visited Africa and then had a gorgeous cappuccino color baby girl with pretty curly hair. All my dreams kept on coming true, because I always felt it in my heart what was that I really wanted. Just like now, I know what I would like to achieve and I am very committed to get it. With this I want to prove it to my daughter that dreams can come true, regardless their strange or impossible nature. And that you don't necessarily have to have a "real job" to be able to make money. My art represents all the feelings that come from my heart. I'm trying to inspire myself to keep on going and more importantly hoping to inspire other ladies and young girls to dream big and never give up on their dreams. Women are never happy with the way they are, I would love to be able to change this, I want them to believe in their abilities and they should always remember, that they are all worth the magic! : )
Spread Your Wings Necklace

Etteam Blog:  What was one of the nicest experiences you've had with a customer who purchased from you on Etsy? 
Beata:  Oh, this is something I really love! Whenever I receive feedback it makes my heart really really happy! I love when they write something in their feedback that makes me feel that they know me very well now that they 

have my art in their hands. Amazing feeling! And I'm very happy to have a customer who keeps coming back and she keeps on saying how much she loves my art. I'm hoping to have some more fans like her. : )

Etteam Blog:  How do you want people to feel when they purchase one of your items?
Hand Painted Flower Mirror 
Beata:  All my art has deep meaning. Which obviously has meaning to me, as I was the one creating it, but I believe when someone is drawn to my art so much that they feel they have to buy it, that same thing must mean something similar to them as well. I'm hoping to make their heart feel that warmth what I feel when I am ready with a piece. I want them to get hope that their life can be the way they would love it to be. i want them all to be happy!

Etteam Blog:  Do you have any special promotions you'd like to mention? Please include a link.
Beata:  I have a giveaway on my blog which will end on 26 February, the details about how to participate can be found on my blog:


  1. Beata, this was a wonderful interview! Thanks so much for sharing a little bit of your life and inspiration :)

  2. Lynn, thanks so much for putting this together! : )

  3. Lynn- I enjoyed learning about Beata through your interview . Great job!

  4. What a wonderful interview. I love Beata's work and her colors and inspirational words. And I found the journey of how she got to this point quite interesting. Love those mirrors too!! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Beata, your life story and dreams are lovely! just like your art and you!


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