Tuesday, November 20, 2012

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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Treasury Hotness: Comments Views and Favoriting


By: Lynn Hoyt of Midnightcoiler  

My last article on hotness focused on Clicks. Now the spotlight is on comments and views as  part of the mysterious treasury hotness equation. Favoriting a treasury is part of the equation too. Only Etsy knows the exact formula that combines to drive a treasury towards those few hours of golden hotness-- visibility, before it sinks into the black hole of oblivion.  What fleeting opportunities treasuries are, but we can make the most of those windows of exposure time by working to seek out views and comments.  

If you belong to a supportive team like the Etsy Treasury Team, post your T in your team thread so members can view, comment, click on items and favorite the T.  This will give your T an initial boost. For special treasuries that you really want to promote, it's also beneficial to belong to treasury promotion teams, where mutual support for treasuries works to everyone's advantage.  Then tweet, post to facebook, blog, Pinterest and other social media for additional views, possible comments and more.  Posting to social media sites can give you unique views, that is, coming from a variety of sources outside of Etsy, which is a plus.  Not everyone who views will leave a comment, click or favorite, but any part of the equation is helpful.  Multiple comments from the same user/computer don't help to increase hotness, at least that is what Etsy admin has said in the past.       

If our goal is selling items and gaining exposure for future sales, it makes sense that the more views, comments, clicks and favorites a treasury gets (yours or one you are in,) the better chance more people have looked and that something will sell. As a bonus, exposure is contagious on Etsy... it spreads to make many opportunities; it builds up and increases your chances for future sales.   People favorite shops and items, people see your items in other people's favorites, then they favorite your item or use it for a treasury, wish list or even purchase it.  Before you know it, you're everywhere in this intertwined web of exposure we call Etsy.  

Sales and exposure don't come magically.  It takes work and a commitment of time.  It takes reciprocal support by many people. It takes constant refining and tweaking of your shop.  When these things come together over time, there comes a tipping point. The trickle of exposure and sales becomes a flow and sometimes even a gusher!  Exposure is a powerful thing, and it's within our power to make the most of it.     

See my related article:  Treasury Hotness:  Clicks

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Treasury Hotness: Clicks

by Lynn Hoyt of Midnightcoiler

Have you ever heard the saying "It takes money to make money."?  Well, in the case of treasuries, it takes clicks to make clicks. You may want to kick start your exposure by clicking on all 16 items in a treasury. I'm always amazed that more people don't do this for the treasuries they create and the ones they're featured in. Did you know you could go back to a treasury a little later, yours or someone elses, and click again?

One of the factors that help in achieving treasury hotness are clicks. Clicks alone are only one element, but it's a good start if you want to get a treasury hot quickly.  What's so important about having a hot treasury? There's a snowball effect when a treasury reaches the first or even second page of Etsy's "hotness" listings. These are the treasuries that people look at most because they are the first ones they see listed. These are the ones that potential shoppers look at when browsing the treasuries.  Rightly or wrongly, they are perceived as the cream of the crop, the best-- after all, look how many clicks, views and comments they have. The more people that view, the hotter a treasury becomes, and the more chance of exposure and sales.  Each person who looks adds to the stats (clicks, views, comments and favorites) creating the snowball effect. Extremely hot treasuries can even stay at the top for longer than the usual 6 hour window.

Members of teams can help each other by clicking on all 16 items in a treasury. If every member did this with just one or two select treasuries within a short time frame, imagine how many clicks there would be.  We cannot control what's chosen for Etsy's front page, but with effort and dedication, we CAN  help make some of our treasuries hotter!  

The next installment of Treasury Hotness will be Comments and Views.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

What's your "Style"?

Contributed by:  Kim of Kim's Crafty Apple

As a member of the Etsy Treasury Team I've benefited from the advice, knowledge and opinions of a truly talented group. Luckily for you all - this blog is a place that you can benefit from the knowledge of our team as well.

Almost a year ago now, etsy added more listing options.  One of these options is choosing two styles that your creation fits in.  Well – a few of these styles I know, but I really feel that I need to do some research on them to feel more comfortable with my labeling.  Lucky you – you get to come along for the ride.

I’m going to go right down the list – define each style and then show examples of them.  Hopefully, once I’m done I’ll feel more comfortable choosing my styles and you will too!

Abstract art, nonfigurative art, nonobjective art, and nonrepresentational art are loosely related terms. They are similar, although perhaps not of identical meaning.

And here are just a few examples of some abstract work I found on etsy:tjenkinsarts
Large Original Painting Abstract Texture from tjenkinsarts
Pottery Bowl Earthenware Clay Escher Fish in Purple, Blue and Green / Hand Thrown by Clay Lick Creek Pottery
Original abstract contemporary fine art palette knife floral painting by Nicolette Vaughan Horner

To be continued...