Monday, April 11, 2011

The Minimal Look in Etsy Treasuries

Contributed by:  Lynn Hoyt, MidnightCoiler

If you make treasuries you've probably noticed different treasury 
"looks" on Etsy's front page. One look that seems to prevail is lots of 
negative space- empty or near empty space around the photographed object.

The space makes the item the center of attention. When a treasury is built with mostly this style of photo it achieves a simple clean look that showcases each item individually, yet binds them all together with the use of the neutral colored space in between. This technique helps the eye scan smoothly from one item to another and gives a feel of continuity and simplicity. It takes some selection discipline to achieve this kind of display, but if it's successfully done it's often beautiful. 

Not that all photos should have this look, but photoing some items this 
way for your first photo may increase your chance of being included in 
this type of treasury. Of course, various item types may require 
different styles. I actually think that it can be beneficial to mix 
styles on those first photos. Some close-ups, some with staging, some with that solitary object, etc. That way the treasury makers have more 
choices for what they're trying to achieve. 

Treasuries are an art form in themselves, and I find it interesting to 
see how curators put them together and to feel the effects and emotions 
they evoke. The background around an item is important not only to the presentation of the item but to the cohesiveness of the treasury.

Etsy Treasury Team