Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Featured ETTEAM Seller: MidnightCoiler

Contributed by Cindy of Yellow Bug Boutique:

Lynn Hoyt, owner of Midnightcoiler, lives in Blounts Creek, NC on a 75 acre non-working farm with her husband, Howard and 2 wonderful dogs. Lynn is certainly not new to ETTeam... actually, she is the backbone behind the team as our fearless leader. Lynn's Etsy shop opened in March 2008 and specializes in hand carved gourds as well as coiled and twined baskets.

Years ago Lynn visited a gourd show in Virginia and was intrigued by all the creations. There she realized that this was something she wanted to try. When they moved to their farm, she had lots of room to grow gourds, so she dove right in and actually taught herself how to carve.

Baskets came next. Lynn always admired coiled needle baskets so she contacted a local artist, Pamela ( also know as Bazketmakr and Purpletoedgypsy.... another talented ETTeam member) who became her friend, teacher, and mentor.

Lynn's interest in pottery started just a few years ago after sharing some studio space with a local potter. She soon purchased her own small kiln and now makes miniature bowls, buttons, pendants, and charms. Next she plans to tackle the pottery wheel she received as a gift from her hubby.

To see more of Midnightcoiler beautiful work:



  1. Wonderful article and so interesting to get to know another lovely member! Love it!

  2. What an interesting read! And Lynn, I am very grateful to have you as team lead. :)
    Celeste (Crickets)

  3. Terrific post.. it's so nice to get to know you more, Lynn -- your work is awesome and now I can picture you on your farm, at the kiln, with doggies at your feet :)

  4. Oh, I had forgotten about this interview! Thanks so much Cindy! It's so nice to be featured here. Thanks to Sandie for putting it up. Looks great!

  5. Beautiful article Yellowbug! This is a great way to get to know team members better! I am way jealous of the 75 acre farm. My husband and I are aspiring for somewhere around 5 in the next few years! Fabulous posting!


  6. So nice to learn how Lynn got her start! Great post on our fearless leader ;)

  7. Loved learning about Lynn's artistic beginnings! I really do admire her nature inspired art.

  8. i love Lynn's work! Esp. the colorful coiled basket! Thanks for sharing it with us!

  9. Your birdhouses are just stunning Lynn, and I especially love the little holiday ornament houses! It's a sincere pleasure working with you on the Etteam. :o)



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