Monday, October 4, 2010

Tutorial: How to make a Lady Bug Bow!

Contributed by Etteam member: Reema of Trendie Treasures

LadyBug Bow Tutorial

Making Little Bug Bows as seen in my shop listing:

SUPPLIES: The supplies needed – scissors, needle and thread,
lighter, ribbon, glue, etc.

STARTING OFF - Making Antennas:

1. Using 3/8” Grosgrain Ribbon cut your ribbon to the size ONE INCH cut. Notice that on each side of the ribbon there is a “woven” type edge – where it’s a little thicker than the middle part of the ribbon.
2. Using sharp scissors, cut both “edges” off. You can just throw the middle part of the ribbon away – you won’t need it.
4. Hold one end of the antenna with the alligator clip or tweezers. Using your lighter, quickly brush it along the cut edge of the ribbon – sealing it.
PRACTICE THIS over and over until you get it. It shouldn’t take too long.
5. To get a CURVED antenna – just concentrate the lighter’s heat in one spot. The ribbon will naturally curve. PRACTICE this as well.
6. Now repeat with Antenna # 2 and you have a set.

MAKING the Ladybug Bows:

1.Using 3/8” Red with Black Swiss Dots - Cut your first piece of ribbon to FOUR inches.
2. Now take one edge of the ribbon and either hold it down on a flat surface – or you can hold it in your hand -- whichever is easiest for you. Take the OTHER end of the ribbon and bring it around – both edges will be flush with each other. Both edges should overlay on the same side of the ribbon to make a loop.
3. Either GLUE or SEW the two edges together. I prefer to SEW the edges because it’s not as bulky as gluing. Plus, I think it holds together better.
4. Now take your second piece of ribbon and cut it to THREE inches. Seal both ends. Repeat STEPS 2 through 4 with this piece of ribbon.
5. Now you have two loops. Turn them over.
6. Place the smaller loop inside of the bigger loop. You can either have the pointed tips FLUSH with each other – or have the smaller loop slightly higher. GLUE or SEW these two loops together.
7. After the two pieces are put together (sewn or glued), then turn the body back over.
8. Cut a piece of black ribbon to approximately ONE inch. Seal the edges.
9. Now place a dab of glue at the tip of the bug body – do not use too much.
Place the black piece of ribbon over the tip of the bug body. Try to make it as even and straight as possible.
10. Turn the bug body over and place another dab of glue at the point. You can put a little glue on the black ribbon as well – just not too much.
11. Now fold both edges of the black ribbon down and press firmly. Turn the bug body back over.
12. Now you will need your antennas, your bug body, and a lined clip – I use a double-prong alligator clip, but you can use whatever kind of clip you want.
13. Place a dab of glue about a quarter inch or so from the top of the alligator clip. Remember not to use too much glue. Now carefully place your antennas onto the glue and position them at your desired angles.
14. Place another dab of glue over the antennas and slightly down the alligator clip – about a half inch.
15. Place your bug body onto the clip and press firmly to secure.



  1. The ladybug bow is just adorable and it was so nice of Reema to share! I'm off to tweet about this.

  2. Reema, this is so sweet and cute! My daughter is in love with ladybugs so I'm definitely going to be trying this out. Thank you for generously sharing your tutorial! ~Anna

  3. This is adorable Reema! My daughter would absolutely love this!

  4. I've never seen anything like this - it's sooo sweet! I love the generosity of creatives who give out help and ideas!

  5. This is so cute Reema! My daughter loves ladybugs. Thanks for sharing :)

  6. I've always loved ladybugs - and when I saw these, thought they were adorable! Thanks for sharing :)

  7. What an adorable little ladybug bow. And how nice of you to share it with all of us, Reema!

  8. This is so cute!!! Thank you for sharing how you made it.

  9. Well now I want to try this, thanks for the lesson!

  10. Reema, this is so sweet and cute! Thanks for sharing!!!
    Now I'll have to try it...:)

  11. This is absolutely cute and easy to create!!! great for gift!!! or maybe souvenir parties"!!!
    awesome thanks for sharing!

  12. Very nice tutorial, although I think my boys would object to wearing hair bows! :O)


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