Saturday, August 21, 2010

Favorite Fall/Autumn Colors

Curated by: MidnightCoiler

The colors of autumn leaves are many, so I chose to focus on three. Yellows and golds for cheery brightness and contrasting purple for its rich depth. I hope these lovely items capture the mood of crisp sunny days to come. These are just a few of the vibrant offerings for you from the artisans of the Etsy Treasury Team.


  1. Looks like everybody is getting into Autumn, love it.

  2. wonderful! thanks for choosing my mizzou kat for this new idea :-)

  3. Golds and purples remind me of autumn sunsets... I think they're the prettiest of the whole year. Thanks for including my painted box!


  4. I do love the hues of yellows and purples together - lovely range and variety of work - I look forward to highlighting them and more in my new adventure as a potential ETT'er!

  5. Love seeing these collections here on the team blog! Purple and yellow are such a pretty combination for fall colors. Thanks to Sandie and Lynn!


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