Saturday, June 5, 2010

It's good to share!

One of the best things that can happen to your next blog post, is to have it go viral. Regardless of the content, to have it read by hundreds or thousands of people is really cool! The tough part about that, is getting it to happen.

For me being an Etsy seller, marketing my goods is very time consuming. And like everyone these days, I'm always scrambling to find time to "promote" what I do. I have 3 Etsy shops, a facebook page, a Twitter account and a blog. Besides that I need to find time to make my items for my shops (knit, sew, etc.), and still cook a meal or two! It is always wonderful when someone "retweets", posts to facebook or blogs about something I've said (or one of my creations). It gets the word out for me (which I'm deeply grateful for), and certainly helps me with my time management issues. Now if I could only find a way to make it easier for someone to promote me and my stuff. Hmmmmm?

Well, I did find a cool tool (bar) that helps!  Last month I stumbled across Wibiya. What's Wibya, you ask?? Well, look down at the bottom of this very page that you are on now. You'll see a toolbar. That's Wibyia!! And I think it is fabulous!

From Wibyia site: "Wibiya provides an interactive and user-friendly web toolbar that allows you to integrate a host of web applications directly onto your website. The Wibar web toolbar has many advantages, allowing you to add features and tools for your website’s visitors to use without leaving the page. This will promote your website’s content, while increasing time spent on your website and the interest your website generates. Add web applications such as live notifications, itranslation, 3D photo galleries, a direct facebook and twitter connection, smart shares and much, much more. The Wibar web toolbar gives you access to these applications from a single custom toolbar that will appear on the bottom of your web page. You can also become a fan of Wibiya (on facebook) and receive regular updates on new applications and events."

One of my favorite features is that it integrates Facebook and Twiter with your blog. Adding the tool bar will enable your readers to tweet and write to your Facebook Fan Page (or theirs) from your website and share your content. It will also provide a full Twitter experience including Search, Latest tweets, Tweets about each page and more. There is also a link to bring your Facebook Fan Page stream to your website and grow your number of facebook fans.  Wibiya helps you to engage readers and raise page views with apps such as Latest Posts, Real Time Users, etc. It helps you to gain traffic from social networking and track your traffic growth through simple analytics tools.

Take a few minutes and browse the little tool bar below, and you can see all the fabulous apps I've added to my tool bar to make it easy for my readers to interact and stay on my blog longer.  One of my fav Wibiya apps is "Photo Gallery".  See the little blue circle - click on it, and it allows you to see all my Etsy photos from Flickr.  Isn't that cool!!  Another fun thing, mouse over any picture in a blog post - it automatically offers for you to "share" (smart share) with options of whichever social media you choose as well as email and "print this out".

Wibiya is super easy to install.  I works on all blog platforms, and will walk you through the process of adding it to your blog.  I gotta say, Wibiya was just too cool to keep to myself, so I'm sharing. ;o) I hope you find it as fun and helpful as I have!  Now, what are you waiting for, head on over to Wibiya and download the toolbar for your blog!!


  1. love it - I've installed it on my blog thanks to you. so useful how it will shrink the link for you to share any particular post at any time.

  2. Wonderful tips! I'm going to play with my camera more now and see what I can discover.


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