Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Featered ETTEAM Seller ~ LeapingGazelle

Contributed by: Heather of Nifty Knits

This is...Lauren
of Leaping Gazelle Studios, whose shop leapinggazelle is on

whisper tulip

Favourite colour?

I used to be a very monochromatic person, a “lose myself in the variations of white” kind of person. Then my daughter was born. From little on she gravitated toward color, every color all at once, the more the better! So she added color to my world. And now I can’t imagine being the person I was. Right now I’m really into sea tones... blue, aqua, teal.

glass reflections

Favourite smell?

I love the smell of spring, when the snow is melting and the ground is thawing, after all of the false starts and surprise storms, when you know it’s finally the real deal... so fresh. Close seconds are coffee, chocolate and vanilla.

Favourite place?

Anywhere my family is. As a journalist I covered a lot of tough stories and it really hit home with me how fleeting life is, so I try to take some time each day to really enjoy the moments of now. And that's a challenge for me, to not always be thinking about future plans.

carmel crocus

Favourite way to spend your time?

Creating! That feeling of losing yourself in an idea, not knowing where it will take you. Some of of my best creations have been happy accidents.

deep roots tree

Favourite item in your shop of all time?

Usually whatever I’ve just finished, if that’s possible. Is anything ever really finished? I’m into some of the dreamier looks right now. I love to make focal pieces that someone could design a room around, that might add a pop of color to a very minimalist setting.

Favourite shop that isn’t yours? Christine Lindstrom’s watercolors are so beautiful and elegant to me.

I especially like one entitled “Delicate.”

What has been the most useful lesson you’ve learnt so far that you’d like to pass on to our readers?

You don’t have to do it all at once! Okay, I’m still learning this one. It can be overwhelming, first to send your work into the world, and then to realize the amount of time spent on business and marketing. I make lists of long term goals, but try to please both sides of my brain. Every day I work on one avenue to forward my business and one new creative idea... if there’s more time and inspiration, that’s great, but one of each is the must-do. I’ve discovered I accomplish more by focusing on small daily goals. I’m a much saner person too.

Thank you Lauren! I want to close by quoting from Lauren's Etsy profile, as I think it explains her Art:

things I love:

the stillness of morning
the color of autumn
reflections in water
words that resonate through time
hands that have lived and worked and loved
a good cup of coffee
the smell of vanilla
my children's giggles

Find Lauren's shop here:leapinggazelle

Saturday, May 15, 2010

How to add a shopping cart to your blog!

Contributed by: Celeste, of CricketsCreations

There's a new widget for our blogs from that creates a scrolling "Buy" shopping cart direct to our Etsy shop (see the "3 Product" widget at upper right)! Here's a step by step instruction tutorial on how I placed this scrolling photo shopping cart on my blog, Crickets Creations Handknit Scarves:

I went to

I typed in my etsy shop username into the white field and hit the "helpers" button

I clicked "Widgets" in black font at upper left of screen

I clicked "3 Product" to have 3 items shown at a time (choose how many products you would like to see displayed on your own blog)

I placed my cursor in the "Original Version" text field and hit Ctrl + A at the same time on my keyboard to highlight all of the text in that field.

Then I hit Ctrl + C at the same time to copy that text

Then I went to my blog and logged in (I use blogger/blogspot)

I clicked "Layout" and then clicked "Add a Gadget"

I clicked the "+" sign next to "HTML/JavaScript and a new field appeared

I placed my cursor in the Content field and hit Ctrl + V at the same time on my keyboard to paste in the coding I had copied from the Cr8tivity site.

I added a Title (Shop with Crickets) and clicked to "Save"

I THEN (very important, all your work will be lost without this last step!) clicked the orange "Save" button on the "Add and Arrange Page Elements" page

Then I clicked to "View Blog" to make sure I did it all correctly. :)

Lastly, a made a donation to Troy at as a thank you!

Hope this is helpful for your Etsy online shops and blogs,

Celeste (Crickets)

Monday, May 3, 2010

The Etsy Treasury Team: for Marketing Go-Getters

Contributed by: Midnightcoiler

Are you interested in joining one of Etsy's top marketing teams?

The Etsy Treasury Team membership is open for applicants! We're looking for members who will be dedicated to promoting their fellow team members. That means you must be ready and willing to regularly devote your TIME in order to be promoted and continue with the team. Mutual promotion is our top priority, and we are a very active team with ALMOST DAILY REQUIREMENTS:

1. Comment and 12 click on all member treasuries
2. Make at least 1 treasury per month featuring 6 or more members
3. Check into our chat threads and stay connected and engaged with the team

What will you receive? Your shop will gain lots of exposure by being featured in treasuries made by teammates. Your own treasuries will gain the support of member views and comments. The more treasuries you're items are in, the better chance of selling, exposure, and/or getting to the front page of Etsy.

You'll also receive fabulous marketing ideas and advice by participating in our public and private threads, and in our private shop critiques. Being a member means you can ask for support and receive it. Want to be nominated or voted for in a voter or want us to look at a blog or non-team treasury you're featured in? Want an interview or to have your article featured in the Treasury Team blog, or maybe one of our member's blogs? Want to be included in special team/blog promotions, giveaways, sales? Have questions about Etsy or your shop? Count on your teammates, as they will count on you.

Many members consider the team as a kind of family. There's a vast amount of knowledge here, and smart, kind, fun people who are willing to share. Everyone receives and gives back to remain on the team. Could you be one of those people?

Read more about our team at our website:

Convo Midnightcoiler if you think you're ready for the Treasury Team experience!

Pictured items are from our top team treasury makers for April, 2010. WeeBindery, Hoganfe, Lori411, LeapingGazelle. Visit their shops for more wonderful selections!