Tuesday, April 13, 2010


We have a winner in our Etta Meerkat giveaway!!  We had 543 entries!!  That is a record for an Etteam giveaway.  I guess you all wanted sweet little Etta to come and live with you.  (I can't say I blame you.  She is adorable!)

I went to Random.org and they chose the 267th comment.
And here is the winning comment:

Congratualtions Quincifer!!!!

Well be contacting you via email in the next day or so to arrange to ship Etta and her goodies to you!  We hope she will be a wonderful addition to your family.


  1. Whoo Hoo! Cheering for Quincifer. Also a big awwwwwww for those who entered but did not win, this time. Alchemy is still traveling, with 4 to 5 stops yet on her list, so hope that all of you, will continue to follow her progress; and jump on board again when Alchemy goes up for adoption. Or if you happen to be even more like me, and cannot wait, head on over to Nifty Knits Etsy shop where all sorts of meerkats are quite reasonably priced for purchase. Mine arrived last week, she is going to work as a model, lend muscle to farm tasks, and also have some fun playing. Liffffffffee is Good!

    Another final thank you to all the ETTeam members who hosted Etta, creating such a fun travel aventure and major, major huge thanks to Nifty Knits for sending the baby meerkats out into the world.

    Hugs, Jane

  2. Yay!!!! Thats me :D Can't wait to get it!! x

  3. I don't blame you, Quincifer! We hosted Etta at our house in California for Christmas, and she is quite charming! I know you will love having her. Congratualtions!!

  4. Congrats Quincifer!! YAY! :) Since I didn't win I might just head on over to Nifty's shop and buy me my own meerkat! :)

  5. Congratulations Quincifer! So sorry I wasn't around to cheer for you earlier!

  6. Yaaay, congratulations on winning such a lovely set of treats!

  7. Lucky lucky you!!! Congratulations!

  8. Congrats to the lucky, lucky winner! And congrats on the 543 entries! That's a LOT!


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