Saturday, January 9, 2010

Updates on Etta & Treasure Meerkat's World Tour!

Silja of has made an adorable You Tube update on the latest adventures of Treasure Meerkat's visit to Estonia! This is so much fun to watch, we hope you enjoy it!

And here is a wonderful update from Kristin at on Etta's travels to New York. Seems that she made lots of wonderful friends in the Big Apple! And don't you love her adorbale Tutu?!!

For more info on the Meerkat's world travels, go to their Meerkat's Facebook fan page!


  1. The picture in the tutu is just wonderful!

  2. I LOVE the meerkats!! Wow, wow... they're having a great time!!!

    Saskia :)

  3. That video is wonderful! Can't believe they have "no" meerkats sign! Have fun in turkey!

  4. I love Etta's tutu!! She is stunning!

    And the video is so cute! Looking forward to my visit with Treasure!

  5. How cute - dressed up meerkat X) and it's cool you made the virtual meerkat and the real one meet:)

    P.s. every time i'm typing 'meerkat' i am fighting to not write 'meerkitty' hehe:)

    P.P.s THANK YOU for posting my video:)))


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