Friday, November 6, 2009

Meerkats embark on World Tour!!

Contributed by: Glorious Hats and ZaftigDelights

The Etsy Treasury Team is preparing for really cool global happening!! Heather Leavers better known as Nifty Knits, who is well known for her adorable hand knitted Meerkats, will be sending out two of her little creations to become globe-trotting adventurers. That's right, the little Meerkats will be traveling around the world, meeting many of the ETTeam members and will learn and do something interesting at every stop; maybe learn about where ETTeam member lives, get to know the ETTeam member, help the ETTeam member craft. Lots of special events are planned for over 30 total stops, approximately 15 stops per Meerkat. The trip finale is a photo shoot of the meerkat and all the fabulous souvenirs (great items crafted by each ETTeam member) amassed along the way. The photo-shoots will be done by Tyarkoni and Lori411.

Each stop in the traveling Meerkats journeys will be blogged in several places as well as shared on a dedicated facebook fan page. As secondary points this project will show shipping times; the variety of places around the globe that Etsy sellers are located; and highlight the way a global ETSY team can function and work together on a project. There was such great interest in hosting a meerkat by ETTeam members, that the happening was expanded from the original one, to two traveling Meerkats, each with their own itinerary.

Once home from their journeys, the traveling Meerkats and all their souvenirs will be going to a new permanent home via a fabulous GIVEAWAY which will be hosted right here on the ETTeam blog - in two separate giveaways.

The adventure has begun, and to read all about it - stop by
Heather's NiftyKnits blog. By the time the Etsy's Friday Finds promotions goes live on Nov 13, 2009, the Meerkats will have been begun their journeys and may have arrived at their first stops.

Stay tuned to this blog for more news and fun from the Meerkats world tour adventures!!!


  1. I soooo wish I could have gone with them! Have a lovely time little meerkats!

  2. love meerkats, have a lil plastic family of them on the top of my comp!
    ...this is too cute!



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