Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Etsy Gift Guides and FP Features: Getting Noticed by Etsy Admin

Conributed by: Midnightcoiler

Are you doing everything you can to get noticed by Etsy admin? Tons of shops are joining Etsy all the time, and admin is constantly trying to keep things fresh, and continually discovering new shops and products they like, developing new marketing themes and choosing to promote accordingly. There are no guarantees or entitlements that any shop will be chosen or remain in the promotional sites of Etsy, but there are some things you can do to to increase your chances.

Taking positive action is the best course if someone wants to increase their chances of being noticed or "rediscovered" by Etsy admin. Here are 11 ways to try and catch their eyes in a positive light!

1. Become a vocal regular in the Etsy Labs, fill out feedback forms if
offered. Create listing cards in the Etsy Labs when they are enabled.

2. Become a regular participant in the Etsy Forums

3. Subscribe to all of Etsy's emails, visit their promotions, leave
comments, participate in nominations, interact as much as possible.

4. Constantly strive for shop and product improvements and innovations. Go to Etsy and team critiques, participate and apply changes.

5. Develop a fresh new line of items to add to your shop and promote it.

6. Purchase a showcase spot on Etsy

7. Follow Etsy on Flicker, Twitter and Facebook and any other social
networking site they are on. Leave comments, interact.

8. Create an event including references to Etsy and publicize it. Send newspaper articles, publicity to Etsy admin. Etsy loves having the site promoted.

9. Write an article for Etsy's blog.

10. Create treasuries, especially ones using Etsy's current marketing themes.

11. Promote and support others as well as yourself. Join a team. Mutual support= more exposure. Create good will- payback is swell!

The side benefits are just as important as being noticed by Admin, not the least of which is exposure gained with fellow Etsians, both buyers and sellers. Happy marketing!

The Etsy Treasury Team website:

We hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and Holiday Season!!

The Etteam

Sunday, November 22, 2009

And the WINNER IS.....

We have a winner for Etteam's current giveaway, which includes 2 Celtic CDs from Anam Cara and beautiful notecards from SoundImages. And the winner is:

Carapace was comment number 35 out of 37, as determined by

Thanks to everyone who participated, and be sure to stop back by our blog in December for another fabulous Etteam Holiday giveaway!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

ETTeam Holiday Giveaway - Featuring Sound Images!

This month's ETTEAM giveaway is from etteam member Jill of Sound Images. She is offering a gift set featuring both music and stationary from her shop, just in time for the holidays.
The package includes two indie music CDs recorded by her Celtic duo Anam Cara. The first CD "The Stone" includes a mix of original as well as traditional tunes with Jill on violin and vocals and fellow musician Rosanne on guitar and vocals. The second CD is a collection of traditional Christmas Music with a Celtic flavour including two original songs written by the duo. You can hear a sample of the music at or Also included in this giveaway is a set of four note cards with envelopes and a set of gift tags from the Sound Images "Colours of the World" stationary collection.


Jill grew up in the town of Newmarket, Ontario, where she began playing the violin at age four. Since this time she has continued to study and perform in the Toronto area where she works full time as a music therapist in palliative care. Jill has always had a love for music as well as photography and design. She has been able to find a creative outlet for these interests through the creation of Sound Images and more recently her Sound Images Etsy shop


You have 5 chances to enter. Number 1 is MANDATORY, the other 4 are optional for extra chances.

1. Visit Jill's Etsy Shop Sound Images and tell us which of her items is your favorite and why! Leave your comment here, including your email address or Etsy shop name (so we can contact you).

2. Become a follower of the Etteam Blog. If you already are that's counts too! Leave your comment here telling us that you are a follower, including your email address or Etsy shop name (so we can contact you).

3. Snag our Blog Button, and add to your blog or blog roll. Leave your comment here with the URL of your blog where our button is located, including your email address or Etsy shop name (so we can contact you).

4. Twitter about this Giveaway (once daily). Leave your comment here with the URL of your tweet, including your email address or Etsy shop name (so we can contact you).

5. Post about this Giveaway on your Blog or Facebook page. Leave your comment here with the URL of your Facebook page or Blog, including your email address or Etsy shop name (so we can contact you).

Be sure with each comment that you leave your name and email address or Etsy Shop!

Giveaway runs Sunday, November 15th through Saturday November 21st. The winner will be picked by We'll be back next Sunday November 22nd, to blog about the winner!

Happy Holidays!

from Etteam & Jill of SoundImages

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Etteam Member Nifty Knits & her Meerkats In the News!!

Click picture to enlarge to readable proportions!

Could I be more excited?

Can't wait to find out what happens next for the traveling Meerkats? Check out their
blog, or their facebook fan page ! :o)

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Meerkat Update!

"Treasure" one of the traveling meerkats from NiftyKnits has arrived at his first stop. He is in the UK visiting CuteDesigns of the EtsyTreasuryTeam. You can read all about it on the CuteDesigns blog. Here is a cute picture of the little fellow with his new traveling companion, that was hand crocheted by CuteDesigns in honor of the Meerkat visit.

Check back often to follow the Meerkats on their round the world adventures! You can also become a fan of the Meerkats as they have their own facebook fan page as well.

Happy travels, little Meerkats!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Meerkats embark on World Tour!!

Contributed by: Glorious Hats and ZaftigDelights

The Etsy Treasury Team is preparing for really cool global happening!! Heather Leavers better known as Nifty Knits, who is well known for her adorable hand knitted Meerkats, will be sending out two of her little creations to become globe-trotting adventurers. That's right, the little Meerkats will be traveling around the world, meeting many of the ETTeam members and will learn and do something interesting at every stop; maybe learn about where ETTeam member lives, get to know the ETTeam member, help the ETTeam member craft. Lots of special events are planned for over 30 total stops, approximately 15 stops per Meerkat. The trip finale is a photo shoot of the meerkat and all the fabulous souvenirs (great items crafted by each ETTeam member) amassed along the way. The photo-shoots will be done by Tyarkoni and Lori411.

Each stop in the traveling Meerkats journeys will be blogged in several places as well as shared on a dedicated facebook fan page. As secondary points this project will show shipping times; the variety of places around the globe that Etsy sellers are located; and highlight the way a global ETSY team can function and work together on a project. There was such great interest in hosting a meerkat by ETTeam members, that the happening was expanded from the original one, to two traveling Meerkats, each with their own itinerary.

Once home from their journeys, the traveling Meerkats and all their souvenirs will be going to a new permanent home via a fabulous GIVEAWAY which will be hosted right here on the ETTeam blog - in two separate giveaways.

The adventure has begun, and to read all about it - stop by
Heather's NiftyKnits blog. By the time the Etsy's Friday Finds promotions goes live on Nov 13, 2009, the Meerkats will have been begun their journeys and may have arrived at their first stops.

Stay tuned to this blog for more news and fun from the Meerkats world tour adventures!!!