Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The details are in the Photos!

Contributed by:  Heather of NiftyKnits

My name is NiftyKnits, and I'm a treasury addict ;-)

For my most recent treasury I searched for intriguing photos that really drew me in. This was my first choice:

I love the angle, I love the contrasting textures, I love the way you're clearly on the edge of a larger picture - and most of all I love the way I'm not sure what it is! Just thinking of the textures alone, I can see some vertical lines on the right - what is it? Is it wood grain?

Here's the
item in ByTheWay's shop

Time after time I kept coming across photos I wanted to use all from the same seller - and those of you who are treasury addicts like me know that is not approved of. So I decided to devote an entire poster sketch to the photographer in question (click on the poster sketch to enlarge it):

All of these pictures work so well in my opinion. They almost *force* me to enter the shop and check out the other 4 photos. You'll no doubt have noticed there is more than one shop?, and
ByTheWay all share the same attention to detail, the same method of catching our attention by not showing us everythign at once.

The first time I really noticed the unusual photos were in this shop was with this photo:

I had to look twice, because at first I thought I was seeing a leather bra on a torso (ok, maybe that's just me!)

It's actually (as you more normal folks will have realised) a pair of high heeled
shoes photographed upside down. So much more striking than a more conventional photo.

I'm on a mission to improve my own product shots - and what better way to learn than by looking at the success of others?


  1. I love this right up and its so true. I have been also trying to phote only a portion of my sandwich bags and they seem to be working. I don't see a bra tho.....LOL!

  2. Thank you so much for the article Nifty and Sandie! I owe so much to
    for all of her helpful hints on photography!

  3. I saw too a leather bra on a torso :))) Great photos!

  4. Nifty, Bythewayside's examples couldn't be better! I love the way she photos her things. They really do draw us in. Karen from has been a great help to a lot of us in the marketing/photo department! She's helped me as well. Great article Nifty, and thanks to Sandie for putting it up!

  5. Excellent article. I think the shoe shot really shows how nicely kept they are. What a great idea.

  6. Great article and it just goes to show that there is always room for improvement when it comes to photographing our creations!

  7. I really enjoyed this article - - thank you!


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