Monday, June 8, 2009

We want you to V*O*T*E !!

Esty has put up their newest VOTER. This voter is for your favorite "cozy". Whoever wins this voter will have their item go into the Etsy Gift Guide, which is a great honor. There are quite a few Etteam members that have been nominated for this voter (6 out of 32 entries), and we would love your support!! Here are the ETTEAM member items that have been nominated:

StudioCherie Eye Glass Cozy

KnitzyBlonde laptop Cozy

Beautifulbridget apple cozy

Missindie cup cozy

Lilipadcreations laptop sleeve

Feltsewcrafty scissor cozy

With much appreciation, and thanks to all who vote, whichever item you choose. We're just thrilled to have something in the running!!

Here is the link to vote on your favorite!  V*O*T*E*R

Thanks for your support!!  :o)


  1. I'm so honored to be one of the lucky ones to be included in the voter!! Yay Etteam!!

  2. I agree with you completely, Bridget! It is quite an honor to be in bunch of wonderful artists! :o)


  3. These are all great Items....I love seeing just how clever people are! It's hard to vote!
    Wishing you all great success.

  4. What great choices. I had to do eeny meeny miney MO! Is there really a right way of spelling that?

  5. Great items! These are so cute! :))

  6. What a wonderful representation for our team!

  7. Very nice choices for our teeam,I did VOTE:))


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