Thursday, May 21, 2009

Featured ETTEAM seller: Waterrose

Contributed by: NiftyKnits

Waterrose is a Etteam member, and known to many as "that girl who makes the stunning cuffs"...but there is so much more to find out. Let's see...

Cats or dogs?

3 Dogs --a brussels griffon, brittany, and a rotweiler and 4 Birds...that are far, far from my studio!

Star Wars or Star Trek?

Both, but the early versions.

Fruit or chocolate?

Both, fruit dipped in chocolate!

Favourite colour?

Blue...any shade

Favourite meal?

Today it's Prime Rib, Baked Potato, Corn on the Cob and creme brulee

City break or weekend in the country?

Weekend in the Country, with a great breakfast and either hiking or off-roading. And a great book and music.

Soaps or documentaries?

Documentaries --but actually movies...especially the ones with Katherine Hepburn, Spencer Tracy...and the list goes on. Old movies are the best.

Bath or shower?

Shower mostly. Baths on those days when I definitely need to relax.

Now we’ve got you warmed up…  
What brought you to Etsy? Tell us about your shop (or shops) Do you sell anywhere else?

I have been trying to remember for years how I initially found Etsy, but can't for the life of me remember. I opened my first shop in October 2006. But like so many others didn't realize I couldn't change the name once I signed on. So a year later I opened this shop. I kept my other shop because I hope to put vintage in it one day. Well it's more then a hope, since I have tons of vintage that I've been collecting to sell....better get busy before the house overflows!

I also sell at 1000markets.

What’s the favourite item you’ve made so far?

I love all of my cuffs and each time I create a new one...that becomes my favorite. I get so excited when a new design idea pops into my head. It's almost to the point that I have to stop everything I'm doing and make that cuff.

What has been the most useful lesson you’ve learnt (about Etsy) so far?

That there's a lot of great people on Etsy. People who are willing to help and people who become great friends. I have also become a much better photographer...which I was never concerned about before.

If you could start again, is there anything you’d do differently?

Well the one thing I did was open a new shop with the name that I really wanted. I wish I had made the change sooner. I probably would have visited the Virtual Labs sooner. It always seemed scary to step into a virtual room. But now that I have I have learned so much more about how to market my creations on etsy, from tagging to getting the photo's right. I probably would have begun blogging sooner.

How do you see your store developing?

I am adding new lines with necklaces/earrings etc. I also want to increase the home decor section. I just need to find a few more hours in my day.

What have you been doing today that I’ve interrupted?

I was talking to customers regarding my other business...I needed a break.

What’s your top marketing tip for today?

Put yourself in front of people outside of the craft/art world. Let them know what you do. It brings people to you that are interested in finding unique gifts for their friends and loved ones. Then it spreads like wild fire.


  1. Rose's work is so beautiful. Both in design and technical strength. Wonderful pieces from a swell person.

  2. Very lovely Waterrose! Your stuff is really impressive!

  3. love the work and so fun looking


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