Sunday, April 5, 2009

Unraveling Etsy Treasuries

Contributed by: GloriousHats

What’s the deal with Etsy treasuries? They can certainly be puzzling, especially to shoppers and sellers that are new to Etsy.

Here is an example of the Page 1 hot list in
Etsy's Main Treasury:

A treasury collection may be viewed as a mini-multi-artist art show. Lots of shows in a huge gallery. See a title or curator name you like, click the title and go on into the show. Like the looks? stay and view, click on an item to open a new window/tab to examine it in detail. If you are intrigued and wish to learn more about the curator or a featured artist, they can read that person's profile. Often the gallery seen on the Etsy Home page is one of the member curated treasuries brought up to the Front Page.

This is a Treasury that made it to the Etsy Front Page -from flickr
Etsy Front Pagers Group

Anyone registered on Etsy can curate a treasury. Admins, buyers and sellers. While it is an open playing field, gaming skills are helpful. It does take time and energy to capture a treasury. Some enjoy the challenge and get a little buzz when snagging one. Some enjoy putting together collections - by theme, color, or for commentary - any of the reasons one might like to curate an art show.

Selecting items for a treasury collection is a neat way to become familiar with team members work and styles. This treasury is my latest curation. It has work from members of the two teams I'm on - ETTeam and TeamMN.

It is really fun to take a theme or idea and put together a reflection upon that concept and create a vision or statement using items ranging from fine art to fiber.
A lovely way to let one's creative muse play.

Do visit the Etsy Treasury sites and see what you think; maybe even give curating a Treasury a try!

About the author:  Jane Carlstrom loves to restore and make hats that she sells in her Etsy Shop, Glorious Hats.


  1. Great intro for the Etsy newbie about treasuries!

  2. Thank you for that great introduction on etsy treasuries I am passing your post to a friend of mine :)
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    handbag originals

  3. I agree with Jaci that this is a great intro, Jane. You've got a very comfortable, conversational writing style which I enjoy. Great article. :c)

  4. I always enjoy reading Jane's perfect prose :-)
    I htink you should have warned newbies thta curating treasuries in often addictive...

  5. Enjoyed this very much! Agree with Nifty- addictive. Also lots of fun. Thanks!


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