Friday, February 6, 2009

What does the Etteam do?

Contributed by:  Zaftig Delights!

The Etsy Treasury Team (ETTEAM) is a great group of Etsy sellers that have cultivated the art of curating Etsy Treasuries and supporting each other!

If you are new to Etsy or just don't know what a Treasury is, the "Treasury" is that lovely collection of items that is on the front page of Etsy when you pop in to do some shopping for the fabulous handmade and vintage items sold there. They are curated by sellers, buyers and Etsy Admins by searching Etsy Shops for unique, interesting and appealing items to feature. The curated treasuries are then listed in the Treasury section on Etsy, from which the front page (FP) treasuries are decided upon by the Etsy Admins. They are picked for the FP based on many mysterious and unknown reasons, but we do know for sure that the more popular your treasury (the hotter it is), the more likely you will end up on the front page. And the
Front Page is a place that we all want to be!!

If you enjoy browsing Etsy as much as we do , I hope you will take the time to stop by the
Treasury section of Etsy.  Please be sure to leave comments and click on all the wonderful items that are featured. It is a great way to window shop and discover some fabulous new treasures on Etsy!

If you are interested in learning how to curate an Etsy treasury, this is the best tutorial on the subject.
Etsy Treasury Demo by Jen (SweetestPea). It's how I learned to curate treasuries, and I highly recommend it!!

Happy Shopping!

About the author:  ETTEAM BlogMistress, Sandie Russo is the owner of  Zaftig Delights, an Etsy Boutique.  She designs and makes plus sized clothing, knitwear, OOAK jewelry, handbags and accessories.  She also loves to write (Sandie's Blog) and spoil her husband, daughter and grandson!  


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